A note from CD Rudd:

So, just under a year ago, before the start of this storyline, I put out the word asking for genie OCs. I got a great number of responses! Sadly, I couldn’t use all of them, as some didn’t fit the storyline and unfortunately there were too many to use all of them. I did try to use as many as I could, though.

This comic has all the OCs I used (mostly as background characters). I’d like to thank everyone who sent me their Original Genie Character to include in this story. If your genie OC didn’t make it in to this story, worry not, as I may still use them in future stories. If you see your Genie OC, make sure to ID her in the comments below, and tell the other readers about your OC. I’ll eventually be making a wallpaper out of the final panel, for anyone wishing to have a higher resolution image of their Genie OC.

Thanks, everyone who sent me there Genie OC and all the readers. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the different genies. 🙂

P.S. Check out the Jeanie Bottle Fan Art page for some new art of Natalie and Rodge, drawn by th3go.