Mortals – Mortals (Humans) populate most of the Earth.

Genie – A spiritual being who serves and grants wishes to masters. Generally a Genie is either born a Genie, becomes a Genie through magical intervention, or takes possession of a barren Genie totem. [IDoaJB 161]

Witches – Mortals throughout the generations who have embraced magic and can generate it through casting spells. Witches can access powerful magical abilities with ease.

Genie Society

Haji [2] – The Master (Chief) of all Genies. There is only one Haji.

Haji’s First – Haji’s first is the head of Haji’s Harem and Haji’s be-quested favorite of the Harem.

Haji’s Harem – A select number of female Genies whom serve Haji. Haji’s harem Genies are treated very well, wanting for nothing. These Genies, though they have no official status, are usually not crossed by other Genies for fear of invoking Haji’s wrath.

Genie Lords [1] – A small group of Genies who oversee all Genies in the mortal realm. These Genies are not subject to masters and answer only to Haji. They also possess abilities beyond those of any normal Genie.

Genies – Genies who are subject to a master’s will.

Entrapped Genies – These Genies have no master, so they remain in their totem (Lamp/Bottle/etc.) until summoned by another master.

Acursed Genies – Genies who have been banished or confined. Most of these are normal Genies who are being punished. Some do not have totems, while others’ totems have been magically sealed.

Genie Classifications

Si’Lat Genies – The most common type of Genie who’s natural forms mimic humans. Si’lat Genies have many sub-classes, e.g. Bottle Genies.

Jann Genies – Jann are shape-shifters: elemental genies. Their natural state lacks a physical form. Jann Genies are of the weaker classes magic-wize. There are very few Jann Genies left.

Ghouls – Genies of the undead. They live in graveyards and feed off corpses and lost travelers.

Djinn – The Djinn is a classification of various Genies (of any type) who choose to leave Haji’s grace and follow the Blue Djinn. Most Djinn have been banished to the ‘Pitts of the Damned’ with only enough genie magic to survive.

Genie Lore

King Solomon – Ancient (human) king who branded the genies to serve humans.

Rise of the Djinn – Lead by the Blue Djinn, the ‘Djinn’ are a collection of genies who opposed Haji’s rule and sought to overthrow him. After the failed rebellion, the Blue Djinn’s followers were banished to the Pitt of the Damned, while the Blue Djinn’s spirit was entrapped in a boulder. Guano is credited with being the Genie who ultimately defeated the Blue Djinn.


Totem – The vessel Genies occupy when not serving a master. It’s also the link to their powers. Totems come in a variety of shapes and sizes: usually flasks, lamps, or bottles. Generally, glass and ceramic totems contain female Genies, while metallic or stone totems contain male Genies. But this is not a firm rule.

Hubun Jadid – An magical element that is a key in the Genie Bonding ritual and is essential to completing the ritual and spiritually joining two genies in order for them to procreate.

Genie Bonding Ritual – A ritual where two genies pledge themselves to the other for the purposes of protection, and reproduction. The bonding of two genies must be blessed by Haji before a Hubun Jadid is to be released to them.  The two youngest Genies will act as bearers for the ritual.

Quat Euzma – A long lost artifact that is believed to be the source of genie powers. The power of the Quat Euzma is said to be unpredictable.

Laws of the Genie

These are laws that have been established as a baseline for the I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle series. There are more laws then just those listed here. These laws have been either set in the continuity of the series or used as an underlying principle of the series.

3 Wishes [2] – A Genie must make every effort to grant three wishes to their master before moving on to another master. However, if the master allows it, a Genie may choose to stay with him or her for as long as the master lives. If a Genie so chooses, they become bound to that master for as long as the master desires them.

Infinite Wishes – Genies will not grant infinite wishes. After the 3 Wishes law is fulfilled for a particular master, a Genie may perform magic at that master’s request, but they are not forced to do so.

Totem Possession – Whomever possesses a Genie’s totem is the Genie’s master. A Genie must follow the 3 Wishes law for new masters.

Photography [2] – Genies are unable to be photographed or filmed.

Haji’s Day [2] – A day on which any master can choose to send their Genie back to Haji. This usually means that they go back into their totem to wait a new master. Genies who are sent away by their master no longer have a master to serve, thus becoming either Entrapped Genies or a part of Haji’s Harem.
[Ref IDoJ 2×22 “There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had”]

Genie Training [1][2] – Every new Genie MUST complete at least one day of training with an older Genie.
[Ref IDoJ 3×13 “My Son, the Genie”]

Master Summoning [1] – Any master may recall their Genie by utilizing the Genie’s Totem.

Genie Containment [2] – After a Genie has been locked up/contained for a full moon, the Genie no longer belongs to their master. Whoever releases them will become their new master.
[Ref IDoJ 3×19 “Genie, Genie, Who’s Got The Genie? Part 4”]

Free Will – A Genie cannot impose their will upon a mortal by force or by magical means, and will be automatically punished for trying.

Death and the Undead [3] – A Genie is forbidden from killing, by action or inaction, and forbidden from raising the dead.

There are other Genie rules which will be mentioned when they become canon.

These Genie rules are from a variety sources. Though some of these rules are not always followed in their source material, they are the guiding rules for the I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle comic series.

The Nature of the Genie

These are not set rules or laws, but rather the natural state of a Genie.

Lifespan [1] – Genies can be very long lived, as they do not age like mortals. However, they have a finite well of magical power. Older, more experienced Genies are very conservative with their power, because when that well is exhausted completely, the Genie dies.

Sleeping [1] – Genies naturally return to their totems when sleeping. Though Genies do not need sleep like mortals do, a Genie may sleep to preserve and charge their magical energies. Thus, they will become exhausted after sustained magic use without sleep.

Serve – Genies naturally wish to serve a master.

Natural State – Genies will normally remain in their natural form. Though experienced Genies can change their appearance, they will often revert to a familiar form.

Genie Vs Genie Magic – Genies dislike altering or negating another Genie’s magic, as it is very magically taxing.

Genie Poisons – There are a number of plants, materials, and chemicals which are dangerous to Genies but harmless to most mortals. Be wary of them. Effects can range widely, from mild loss of control of one’s powers, to effects as severe as death.


[1] – Established in I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle

[2] – Established in the I Dream of Jeannie TV series

[3] – Established in Arabian Knights