And so begins the Jeanie Bottle Hiatus Fan Takoever! For the next ~4 months, we’ll be posting Jeanie Bottle fanart, fanfiction, and even tangentially JB-related comics, all of which have been contributed by YOU, the fans! Come back every Tuesday AND Thursday for new content!

This week is an experiment, to see how you guys want to consume the rather extensive amount of fanfiction that has been written by Shadowrnnr. Our current plan is to post each of the four short stories that he wrote in small chunks. Partially to make each post more consumable, and partially to build suspense, hehe.

However, your feedback is important! Please let us know if you’d prefer that each story simply be posted in full all at once, so you can read the whole thing in one go. Each story is fairly hefty, though (about a 15-30 minute read), which is why we thought they’d be more digestible in parts.

Anyway, without further ado, here is I Dream of Natalie! A fanfic that asks “What did Natalie get up to during all those years after she got left behind at Prom by Jeanie?”

(Note that we previously posted this in four parts, but it’s now been condensed into one.)