Whoa, Jeanie looks really good in her new outfit!

What’s that? Something about her getting fully taken over by a murderous parasite bent on domination of the genie world? I guess that is pretty bad… But you gotta admit, that’s a nice shade of blue.

All who wish to see her lovely new outfit in high resolution can check it out for free over on CD Rudd’s Patreon. In fact, during the hiatus, all Patreon posts will be free.



Also, HAPPY PAGE 500!!!!! We’ve got a special treat for you… an absolutely epic piece of fanart that Carlos, the new Melvin Chronicles artist, has spent a shedload of time making over the last few months. It stars every single female character who has appeared in I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle, including those who weren’t female to begin with. 🙂

Enjoy! And click for full size, which is very large!

EDIT: As a number of commenters have pointed out, I entirely neglected to mention who each of these lovely ladies is. Whoops! Here’s a list, courtesy of the artist:
Back row – Rouya, Lahab, Asha, Luke, Bo, Daisy.
Cushion – Sam, Belle, Jeanie, Natalie, Red.
Floor – Kendra, Agent Anderson, the Greek Captain, Araceli, Jehane, Alya.

In addition, you can find each of them staring in their own individual pinup on the Fan Art page.