Huh, Neil’s being coy about Araceli’s hint. Interesting….



Good news, everyone!

Some of you may have noticed Kazom haunting the site for the last few days, and might have already discovered this. But for those who haven’t, I’d like to officially announce that

The Melvin Chronicles is BACK!

Carlos, our new artist and writer, has taken over the comic, and hopes to maintain a Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule. This is his first webcomic, so lets all root for him! I’ve seen the first several pages, I think you guys are gonna like it. 🙂

The first re-launch page is up now, and the second will be posted on Thursday. The new storyline will then begin on August 30th, to give Carlos time to develop a healthy comic buffer. And don’t worry, the JB hiatus will not be starting until well after Aug 30th.

Well, why are you still reading my boring words? Go check out The Melvin Chronicles!