LETMEOUTWell, The Jeanie is back in her bottle. Just till early June.

For those who haven’t heard, I’ll be going on a difficult and challenging course stating next week. Much of my time will be taken up with the course. SO I won’t be able to focus on making any new comics. Instead of just leaving the comics to hang, I’ve decided to officially put both SailorSun.org and I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle on hiatus till I get back.

What does this mean? Well, basically there will not be any story comics. There still maybe the occasional fillers by other artists posted. So pop in and check on occasion. I plan to be back around the 5th of June and will be starting the next Jeanie Bottle storyline then ( Which will feature another well known old time TV show crossover).

Also the Melvin Chronicles will still be active, so go over and see what Melvin and gang are up too. Give Luna and Bach-Mann your support. Who knows who you might see over there while I’m gone.

Well, that’s it. I’ll see you all in June.

BTW,  Any artists out there who wish to submit fillers for either JeanieBottle or SailorSun.org. Send them to Robert (At)  SailorSun.org. Robert will make sure they are appropriate, sized and  post them as he sees fit.