The Melvin Chronicles’ Shield

For those of you who have been under a rock for the past couple months, OR maybe, The Melvin Chronicles fell off your webcomic radar, you should go visit and get yourself caught up before things get too complex. Things are starting to happen over there!

Remember, The Melvin Chronicles and I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle takes place in the same universe. Hence we both follow the same rule book when it comes to genies, witches and the mystical world involving Neil, Melvin and each gang. Bach-mann, Shadow and I have discussed and planned number of things from plots to the aspects of this unique world our comics take place in. I don’t want to see anyone miss out on the amazing things they have planned at The Melvin Chronicles. You may never know when something happens in one comic which will effect (minorly or majorly) the other.

Will you be able to follow Jeanie Bottle comic if you don’t read The Melvin Chronicles? Probably… but you’ll never know what you’re missing out on, if you don’t check out our spin off comic.