Hey all!

I’m in Cuba right now, but I can still post through the magic of Scheduled posting… Mahahaha! Magic!

Anycase… I’m posting to let you all know that on the 21st of March, 910CMX (the Web-comic community both SailorSun.org and Jeanie Bottle belongs too) will be holding a Art Jam to raise funds for it’s annual operating expenses as well as equipment maintenance (Plus to keep Thom in those cartoon suits Neko likes so much).

As I’m still on vacation, I won’t be able to be there, but artists like Ian Samson (http://cityofreality.com), Tselsebar (http://cheercomic.com), and Darin Brown (http://murryandlewy.com) will be. It promises to be a fun time.

So Pop in and see what it’s all about, http://artjam.910cmx.com/

Also, make sure you also check the Post under this one, about the Spring Hiatus!