Currently, I’m scheduled to go on a course for work that will span MID APRIL to EARLY JUNE. Usually when I go on course I announce it and update as I can, which sometimes means more fillers then usual. This time I’ve decided to go on hiatus on ‘’ AND ‘I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle’ for the length of the course. The reason being, this will be a difficult course that people often fail or get injured on. I want to maximize my chances, so I’ve decided the best way to focus on the course is by not having to worry about getting comics done.

Now I don’t want the comic to go completely dead if I can help it, so I’m putting the word out for artists who want to try their hands at fillers for or JeanieBottle.  Any fillers can be sent to Robert (at) He will approve and post fillers on and JeanieBottle as he sees fit. (If you plan on making multiple fillers, make sure you pass this onto him.

This is a perfect time to flex that artistic muscle. I’ll also try to get some big name artist to make filler too, so with any luck, you might see some of their posts while I’m gone.

Thanks all for your readership and I hope you’ll stick with me during the Hiatus.