Seasons Greetings all.

Since we’ve gotten to Melvin’s room, I’ve been messaged about the ‘Honey’ posters.. Most people wanted to know if it really is Honey, or some other character creation.

I can honestly say, YES, it is Honey. Both The EVA poster, and the Gun Girl poster was artwork I made earlier, and thought it would work well in Melvin’s rooms as posters. I’m not going to say whether Honey will may an actual appearance in ‘I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle’.

The thing you have to remember about Honey is she’s an actress… So her appearing in different roles shouldn’t been to much of a surprise to any of you who read my other webcomic (and please don’t read too much into the fact that the poster says, “Eva 7” while Honey’s suit has a ’06’ on it. The poster was pretty much a rush job, that’s it.).

Lastly, I’d like to make a shout out to Hogan and his webcomic archive site, which has recently added ‘I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle’ to his index of Webcomic Cameos and Crossovers. Thanks Hogan.