Ok, I’d like to prevent the barrage of pro-postal employee and pro-government comments I’m probably going to get for this comic. (This kind of thing has happened before in my other comic.)

First of all, this is not a slam at the post office or any postal employee of ANY nation. I’m not trying to make fun of, or mock anyone who works in or for any government services. You may notice how the stoners are not wearing postal employee uniforms, hence are not NORMAL governmental postal employees.

Second, there’s a reason these stoners are here.  I have to establish the type of quality of post service Jean and Neil get in this comic for a future aspect of the stories. Keen and well trained Postal Employees would never act non-professional, so instead these … stoners work at the local post establishment near Jean and Neil. This will allow me to get some thing done that will actually help move this story, and future stories along.

Third, it’s a comic. Can’t we let reality be a little bit flexible?