Want to have all your childhood wishes come true? Do you perhaps wish to possess the woman of your dreams, frozen into an acrylic ornament? Do you desire to be the target of curious glances and open appreciation? Then you need to have your very own I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle charm, purchased exclusively from Final Wishes!

Get them while they’re hot! While supplies last. All profits will be shared with the trinity of creators (Hachimitsu, CD Rudd, and Robert).


OK, with that fun, over-the-top ad from Hachimitsu out of the way, this is Robert again. Remember that surprise I mentioned a few weeks ago? This is it! Hachimitsu had a few dozen charms made based on Jeannie, Anne, and his OC genie Crystal, and they’re available for sale on his Final Wishes Etsy page. They are quite sizable, at about 11cm tall (~4.5 inches), and also come with a smaller charm of each genie’s bottle. The genie charms would make for great Christmas ornaments, and the bottle is just the right size for a keychain.

I hope you guys give his Etsy page a look, and perhaps buy a charm! They are really cool. I wish we could share more photos and short videos of them, to show off the holofoil sparkle, but Hachi’s phone got bricked before he got a chance to take more than a few sample photos of each one.