We have an exciting fanfic from a whole new writer to share with you today!

This is Pixie Rangers Episode 3: A Grim Affair by Light Clark.
Note: This is “Episode 3”, but it’s still the beginning of the story. You’re intended to infer the contents of Episodes 1 and 2 from how this one starts, and from general familiarity with CD Rudd’s Pixie Rangers comic.

A Grim Affair is the first of three episodes which make up a new story written by Light Clark. It stars Star Ranger Chrissie in a story set entirely within the Pixie Rangers universe, which readers of CD’s other comic SailorSun.org (and his DeviantArt gallery) should be familiar with. For those unfamiliar, the Pixie Rangers are an interstellar police force staffed entirely by women, whose uniforms are skintight bodysuits with their name emblazoned on one leg.

Light Clark has written this story to resemble a script for an episode of a television show, and I personally found it to be very fun. It’s about 37 pages, and is a very quick read.

Unlike I Dream of Natalie, we’re not splitting this episode up into smaller chunks, even though it’s about the same length as IDON. Please let us know how you like having the entire episode go up all at once.

Also, Light Clark commissioned this lovely piece of art from @athorist to represent Chrissie’s big debut as a “main character”:

(click for full size)

The blue and red-haired characters are from his self-published novella series The Demon King of Gen’ric. If you liked A Grim Affair, you should definitely check it out. 🙂