First, you might all notice, we’ve added TAGS to the website. This will allow you to go back and see comics with certain characters or things that you don’t see too often.

So if you want to see Lord Guano’s previous appearances, you simply click on Lord Guano in the tags. If you want to see Araceli’s comics, you click on her name in a tag. Etc, Etc, etc.

Here’s some Tags you can check out

Belle Lows Ms Eden Lord Guano
Araceli Melvin Kazom
Natalie ‘Red’ Nerd Girl Cameos

NOW onto the good stuff,

Like last year, we’ll be posting a week of I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle comics.

Including a little extra comic afterwards. Will this be a yearly thing? It depends on if I can keep this pace up ever year.

The tuesday comic will be a Annoucement for those who don’t read the Blog. After that, the comics will appear daily from Xmas to New Years.

After the new year, there might be a little hic-up since I’ll be out of town. We’ll see what happened.

Happy Holidays all.