Jeannie TV Clip shot

I’m not usually one to plug products on my websites.

But a dedicated reader (Snufkin) has found an interesting deal. And since it relates directly to this comic, I figured I’ll pass the word on.

DeepDiscount is currently offering the WHOLE 20-disc collection of the TV Series, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ for only 
$29.99 USD

So for those who want to get the whole series (or get it as a gift for someone you know enjoys the comic).

Act now, before they realize it was a mistake to discount this series.

 You might like to know that I already have the complete collection (and paid a LOT more) which I use for source material.  There are many elements in the comic (beyond the obvious) that is inspired/seen on the show.

The only way to keep up is to get the series.

If your a classic TV fan (as I know many of you are), they also have the complete Bewitched DVD Collection .
Now, you might be asking why I would mention a Bewitched TV series on a I Dream of Jeannie Fan Comic site?


No reason… 😉

(he he he…)