Greetings everyone,

Some of you are already aware of this, but starting February (2022) I’ll be going on a hiatus. I’ll be away for work (till possibly August). My internet access, what I can do on the internet, and my comic-making hardware will be limited, so at the moment I cannot commit to making new content while I’m away.

Not to worry, though: the current I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle story will continue until its conclusion in a few months. After the current story is completed, though, there will not be regular updates unless I can confirm my ability to make and upload content from my new location. Story comics will resume when I return home.

In the meantime, there will be extra content still released on Patreon and Deviantart, and there may be fan-made content released here on the Jeanie Bottle site itself. If you are interested in making content for, contact Robert (coredumperror) on the discord group chat (