I have big news, and unfortunately, you’re probably not going to like it. Starting in mid September and going until April 2019, CD Rudd will be unable to draw I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle. He’s going to be in a place with virtually no ability to upload files, but will be working on projects while away (time permitting). He’ll try to build up some amount of buffer before he leaves, to reduce the length of the hiatus from you readers’ points of view, but we can’t guarantee much.

So, this post is our official solicitation for fanart fillers! If you like Jeanie Bottle and wish to help ease the hiatus by providing your own work to fill the gap, we’d be very happy to have it! A minicomic, an alluring pinup, or just a drawing of your favorite character would be great! We’ll need loads of fanart to fill this hiatus, so expect any art you submit to show up on the frontpage of the site at some point. Please email Robert at coredumperror@gmail.com with your fanart filler submissions.

For those who also read CD Rudd’s other comic, SailorSun.org, we expect it to be finished before CD’s absence. So don’t worry about it going on hiatus right before the end. Though we do expect a few epilogue pages to come out after the main story is complete, so look out for those in the future.

And there may be an additional distraction from JB’s hiatus coming soon, but I can’t get into detail about that just yet… 🙂