If you haven’t heard, I’ll be in Flordia this January for a Star Trek themed cruise (out of Miami, Jan 11-17, 2018). And while I’m there, I cannot pass up the opportunity to visit Cocoa Beach.

So for any fan in or around the Cocoa Beach area (or those willing to travel), I’ll be hosting an informal get-together at I Dream of Yogurt (4295 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, USA).

The plan currently is that I’ll be at I Dream of Yogurt at 2:30 pm on Jan 6, 2018. I should be easy to spot, as I’ll be drawing or talking to other fans (if any show up). Just to be sure, I’ll also have a Star Trek pin on.

I’m going to stick around I Dream of Yogurt for about an hour and a half (until 4:00 pm). After that (weather permitting) myself and anyone who wants to come will be going to I Dream of Jeannie Ln. and then dinner (location yet to be determined).

I’m more then happy to meet and talk to any fans of SailorSun.org or I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle.  (Anyone under the age of 18 should come with an adult 18 years or older.)

If you have any questions, you can post here or message me at ‘cdrudd at Jeaniebottle.com’.

I’ll see ya in Cocoa Beach.