I know quite a few people have given up on the Melvin Chronicles. With a lack of updates, confusing storyline and random-ness of the series.

So I want to address those people who gave up on Melvin Chronicles and haven’t visited it for a while.

First, Bach-man is back to updating regularly again. He’s built a buffer and is trying to keep up the comics. So far he’s been doing well with the updates.

Second, Bach-man’s taken back creative control. I’m not going to get into details, but other people’s input while taken, was confusing the series. And with any new firsttime webcomic, story telling sometimes needs to be worked on (Look at SailorSun.org). The more practice, the better one gets.

Third, Bach-man and I have worked on aspects that may (or may not) intersect in the two comic series…  So if you want max enjoyment of I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle, you might see elements in MC. that is in JB.

Fourth, Kazom is bad-ass… Go to Melvin Chronicles… you’ll see what I’m talking about.