Another year approaches, or has approached depending on when your reading this post.

Probably never a good idea to let your Genie get drunk. They have magic powers ya know...

I hope you get to spend the end of 2010 with family, friends and/or loved ones. And that 2011 brings all you expected,

and hoped for, except for one thing. That way you’ll have something to hope for into 2012.

This time of year many people set new years resolutions, my resolution is to at least get the WOLFPAC started. I’m sure Jean’s resolution is to get out of this mess she has gotten herself into, and for Niel… well, no idea what Neil’s resolution would be… probably not to be turned into a girl by Jean.

Since Xmas there has been a poll for whom you wanted to see in a new Years costume… and the winner, by 44%, Jeanie.” SO to the right (as I’m sure you’ve already noticed), is Jeanie drinking a little bit too much on New years eve… I’ll leave it up to you imaginations what brought on Jeanie’s drunken behavior, and more interestingly, is how she decided to dress up in that outfit for new years.

Lastly I’d like to thank all you readers who have kept reading “I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle”, either you just started or have starting reading for the beginning. It’s great to have loyal fans. I know I everyone would rather see me updating more frequently,  and I’m happy that despite the lack of regular updates you keep reading.