Well, it looks like one of the cast members of I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle has appeared in another comic. I believe (?) this is the first cameo appearance of an IDofaJB character in someone elses comic. (Though I could be wrong).

Is it Jeanie, Bell, Neil,… ? Nope… this honor goes to goes to Lord Guano. He appears in, Hippo2`s Deviantart comic.

In all fairness, Lord Guano is a scary guy… at least to other genies.

And for those wondering, if anyone wants to have a ‘I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle’ character, SailorSun.org, or Wolfpac character appear in there comics, I ussually have no problem, as long as the character is not abused, misrepresented, or put into a undigifiying place/position.

It would also be nice to message me and let me know, so I can post it on the website for everyone too see.