OK, lately I’ve been getting a bit of slapping around about spell checking and grammar.

I’ve been accused of being everything from lazy, incompetent, to being dyslexic. So let me point out a couple things.

First of all, I have never been diagnosed as dyslexic. If you want to believe I am, I don’t really care, but it would be nice to stop posting I am. Most of my spelling and grammar mistakes are common mistakes that can be made by anyone. I’ve never excelled at spelling in school and guess what, lots of people suck at it.  Some people are good spellers, some aren’t.

I’d love to have a buffer of comics and proof readers, but the rare times I do get a buffer, it gets used up and I’m back to rushing comics before deadlines. Which means the spelling is sometimes overlooked.

Second of all, I make comics as a HOBBY! I like drawing and I like making comics. I don’t generate enough revenue for it to be anything CLOSE to a job. For my actual job, I fix equipment that costs millions of dollars. I’m trusted to maintain and keep devices working that thousands of people depend on and some depend on for their very lives, and I often work in very hazardous conditions and locals. And you know what, I’ve dam good at my job, I enjoy it, and I probably make more money then most of the people who read webcomics.

I’ve poured a lot of time, finances, and energy into making these comics. Because I enjoy it, and I’d hope others would enjoy reading them too. I don’t rely on income from webcomic for anything other then helping with promoting the comics.

If my spelling upsets you so much, I have a very simple solution.

STOP reading the comic.

I mean, I don’t get it. Who’s forcing you to sit in front of a computer and read poorly spelt comics?

I have no problem with people pointing out spelling errors. Even though I sometimes feel like crap for missing a obvious mistake, at least I’ll know about it so I can eventually fix it. I do try to fix mistakes but fixing them is a lot more work then just going in and altering a picture. I have 3 digital copies of each comic. You only see one of them. When I fix the spelling on one comic I need to fix the others to, which ends up taking time.

It you want to be a troll or a smart ass, I have no problem banning you from the site. And if it becomes a big enough bother, then I’ll stop making the comics all together or focus on making comics to publish on Lulu or some other self-publishing site. People who WANT to read my comics could buy them instead of reading them for FREE online.

Remember, ‘I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle’ was suppose to be a one time comic. It’s only being continued because fans want it continued.