Hello All!

For YEARS I’ve told people, “The Jeannie Bottle webcomic site is Jeannie Bottle DOT com. Jeannie only has one N, though.”

Was this a spelling mistake? NO… There’s a couple reasons why Jeaniebottle.com has only one N.

First, the main character Jeanie’s original name is Jean. She’s called JeaNNie by people who don’t know her history (like Belle and Miss Eden), because that’s the usual spelling for a woman with that name. Those who *do* know Jeanie use to be Jean (like Neil, Rodge, and the reader) spell it JeaNie.

I know, some of the comics aren’t using the right version of Jeanie based on this rule of thumb. (Eventually we’ll be fixing those).

Second, JeannieBottle.com was already taken when I registered the domain (and still is). So, I went with JeanieBottle.com instead.

WHY am I making a post about this?  Well, I have NEWS. (yea :D)

I’ve just registered, JBCOMIC.com. Jbcomic.com will forward to the current website. So when I tell people the comic’s web address (and when you guys tell others, too 🙂 ), you can say “Go to JBcomic.com.”

YEA! This should make things easier…

That is all in this update for now…. CD Rudd signing off!