– Position has been filled –



After years of people telling me, “You need a proof reader”. I’m going to put the word out for one.

But be warned, it might not be as easy as you may think,

Here’s what I’m looking for in a proof reader,

  1. Someone who reads BOTH SailorSun.org and I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle;
  2. A excellent grasp of spelling and grammar (obviously),
  3. Has to have or be willing to get AIM account for instant messaging;
  4. Be able to use adobe or some other graphics program to seamlessly modify comic’s speech bubbles (I use CorelDraw & CorelPaint to make the comics),

The Proof reader will be responsible for,

  • proof reading the comic (obviously) and correcting any minor grammar issues, major issues I can address,
  • publishing the comics on the websites.

The benefits of the proof reader,

  • seeing the comics ahead of time,
  • able to add there two-cents in the comics and storyline,
  • credited on the comics and websites,
  • Get copies of the donation images (when they are made)
  • sneak peek when Wolfpac is made.

I can her many of you asking, “Why does the proof reader have to do the work of correcting the spelling errors?”

To put it simply, by the time I finish a comic (which is hours of work ), I’m pooped and mainly focused on moving onto the next comic. Going back after finishing a comic is rather dis-hearting, which is why I don’t often fix the comics RIGHT after the errors are pointed out. I will try to not make errors, but I’d prefer someone who was willing to fix the small things themselves instead of having to go back and fix things all the time.

Yes it is asking a lot, but there are benefits to the position.

Applicants will probably be asked to prove there still and fix a comic to two that currently has spelling errors.