We’ve got another great new piece of art from C_Prime in the FanArt Gallery! It’s Natalie once again, but this time she’s wearing a new dress: a gorgeous 1860s-style ball gown.

I asked C_Prime to make this for me after I was so impressed with his other Natalie fanart. I also came up with a little story to explain how Natalie came to wear such an outfit. Jeannie has co-opted Neil and Rodge into helping her to “acquire” an artifact from a high society collector. She sends in Natalie and Rodge as a distraction at a ball the collector is hosting, which for a reason that Jeannie doesn’t explain, requires that Natalie play the role of Rodge’s fiancée! Thus, the huge diamond ring on her finger.

Neil is, unsurprisingly, quite perturbed by this predicament, which explains the expression. Rodge, on the other hand, is having a ball off-panel. 🙂