Well, It’s been a while since I’ve done a contest, so here’s the newest one,

Inside the Bottle!

We all know Jean gets stuck in her bottle when she tries to sleep. We can also assume she’s eventually going to end up trapped inside her bottle at some point.

So here’s the challenge, design what the inside of a Genie bottle is like.

The category bottles are:

  1.     the inside of Jean’s bottle as it is now (despite Jean not spending much time there)
  2.     the inside of Jean’s bottle (after she re-decorates when being stuck inside for a while), or
  3.     inside of Araceli’s bottle.

You can enter either a drawing of what you think the bottle’s interior should look like, or create a blue print with a layout of where things are (No written descriptions). Artistic skill is not a factor.

Things to remember…

  • Jean’s bottle’s living area is ovalish, while Araceli bottle has a cylinder bottle;
  •  As much as I’d love to let you all go with the Doctor Who idea of bigger on the inside then out, try to keep in mind it’s a bottle and the Genie shrinks to fit into it, so limit yourself  to one ‘room’ with limited space;
  • again, it’s a bottle, so the walls should reflect the pattern or design of the bottle.  Jean’s bottle is Blue with Red ovals all around, Araceli’s is a solid black glass ;
  • Bottle’s are not necessarily going to stay standing up right… so consider that when having objects that might end up being projectiles when the bottle is knocked over or shaken.


Entries should be uploaded to a website and linked either in the comment of this post, forum post on 910CMX or on the DeviantArt’s journal entry

Each person can only win in ONE category, but can enter any/all and submit multiple entries.

Now onto the good part, prizes…

The winning bottle design will obviously become the designed used in the story.
The winners of each category will get a custom commission piece by myself of any SailorSun.org, I Dream of a Jeanie or other CD Rudd character.

(No comics, over complicated commission, Non-CD Rudd characters will be considered depending on the complexity, and no adult commissions)

Contest end date will be June 30th, 2012, so don’t wait till last minute.