Hello All,

Thanks for your concern about my recent hospital stay. Not to worry, I’m out now. I have not yet been able to returned to my office/accommodation (where my computer and comic making things are), but am in a holding area waiting to get back. I’m also on some pretty kick ass drugs, which makes the stay a little more interesting.

Since I’m cut off from my comic making equipment and resources, I’ve taken the opportunity to get the website’s services updated. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. There is a down side to this. Apparently applying the latest updates also erases the format and configuration files. The comic, blog and comment database remains unchanged, but this does mean, having to rebuild the website’s appearance and configuration. Some of you keen observers may have already noticed the changes.

I’m going to keep plunging away at this, so you may see some more changes and effects on the website as I’m working on it. No worries, hopefully the site will look better then it did before.