Please note that the text is colored on this page primarily to help explain panel 2. The blue-haired genie is preempting Anderson’s rude comment.

And dang, Anderson really looks fantastic on this page, doesn’t she? Not to mention Crystal being completely adorable in panel 6.

Finally, I must inform you faithful readers that while Hachimitsu has plans to make this a fairly lengthy series, this will be the last page of I Dream of Another Jeanie Bottle for a few weeks. Hachi has really been working himself to the bone recently, and he seriously needs a break to recover. So I’ll be posting other filler for the next month or so, to give him a chance to take a long rest and recover.

But fret not! A really fantastic piece of work that he made for me a few weeks ago will be next week’s filler. So his amazing art will still be featured here next week.