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Well, well. Asha’s taking the direct approach…]]>
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Filler: Natalie’s Confusing Thoughts http://jeaniebottle.com/?comic=filler-natalies-confusing-thoughts http://jeaniebottle.com/?comic=filler-natalies-confusing-thoughts#comments Thu, 14 Jun 2018 02:54:02 +0000 http://jeaniebottle.com/?post_type=comic&p=3978

CD’s busy moving to a new home, so this week we’ve got a very lovely guest filler from C_Prime! You may remember that he donated a huge collection of beautiful Natalie fanart some months back, including this particular piece: This[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...]]>
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First Rodge is totally despondent (though understandably), and now Neil is ignoring the chance to hang out with a hot babe whom we know he’s attracted to? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark Florida!]]>
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Awww, man. I feel bad for Rodge. His long-time crush finally decides to reciprocate his feelings, and then suddenly shuts him down again. That’s gotta be hard.]]>
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Holy crap that’s dark… Any Chinese readers happen to know what is being said on the majority of page? CD wrote the lines in English, then ran them through a translation service. But he did that weeks ago, and has[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...]]>
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